Episode #17 – The Star Wars Lines Special

A month out from The Force Awakens, I reminisce about going to the prequels on their opening nights. Most of the story focuses on the line for The Phantom Menace and how I was among the first in the world to see the opening ten minutes of that movie twice.

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But first, we quickly talk about a bit of Star Warsy stuff. And we discuss what we might do while we wait in line for The Force Awakens and how we need to keep our yaps shut when we leave the theater so as not to spoil the movie for those waiting in line for the next show.


The day was May 18th, 1999. A Tuesday….

OUTRO [37:00]

We go out with a quick blurb about #WheresRey and how the toy production surrounding Star Wars needs to reflect the progressive nature of the franchise going forward.

P.S. As I told and edited the Star Wars Lines story, I felt a bit like I was ripping off Bobby Roberts’ Full of Sith special, Last Gasp, which is a great audio essay on Star Wars fandom and how it will soon be irrevocably changed. Go listen to that after you listen to this. Here it is: http://fullofsith.com/archives/1534

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