Episode #16 – Coding, Inquisitors, Shattered Empire, etc.

In episode 16 of Children of the Force, we talk about coding, Lux Bonteri, new Inquisitors, upcoming short stories, the ills of advertising, amazing advertising, Shattered Empire … and more!

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I start off by gushing over this new Star Wars coding tutorial/game.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.35.30 PM
I’m a newbie when it comes to code, and this was a blast. Oh, and Anna and Liam liked it, too. Liam played after we recorded and really enjoyed creating his own games where thousands of puffer pigs populated the screen and slowed the site to a crawl.

That’s my boy.

My brother made this sweet First Order Stormtrooper costume for his son for Halloween out of a bike helmet, cardboard and a bit of plastic.

Here are photos of the well-worn Yoda costume throughout the years.

Anna 2007
Anna 2008
Anna Yoda 2008

Anna 2009

Anna Yoda 2009

Anna (and family) 2010

Anna Yoda 2010

Liam 2011

Liam Yoda 2011

Anna 2013

Anna Yoda 2013

Liam 2015

Liam Yoda 2015
So yes. A well-loved costume.

We started the Onderon arc of The Clone Wars. #LuxLives! Spread the word!

And we watched Rebels episodes, ‘Always Two There Are’ and ‘Brotherhood of the Broken Horn,’ both of which we enjoyed quite a bit. We talk quite a bit about the new Inquisitors. We determine that the Fifth Brother is trying to emulate the Grand Inquisitor, while the Seventh Sister does things her own way.

How about those new posters for The Force Awakens, huh? Here’s an image I put together that really makes Rey’s staff look like a saber hilt.

And yeah, we talk about a few commercials that utilize Star Wars imagery in order to sell product. I’m not going to link to them on here, but you could google Battlefront, Toys R Us and Duracell in order to see them.

NEWS [32:25]

We talk about most of the short stories that were announced at New York Comic Con and rank them on a scale of 1 to 10 Yub Nubs.

CANON NEWS [39:30]

Who was the youngest person elected to the Imperial senate?

JOKE [41:55]

Why didn’t Anakin know his children were alive?

REVIEW [43:40]

We briefly review the complete Shattered Empire mini comic series, talk about the implications for The Force Awakens and discuss whether or not someone who cannot use the Force would be able to sense the ability to use the Force in others. All this speculation over a little sapling.


This episode we shout out to:
The Greatest Star Wars Podcast in the World (on iTunes and on Twitter {potty mouth warning})
Man vs. Pink’s post, How on earth is Star Wars rated U (“suitable for all”)?
Nerd of Paradise Podcast (on iTunes and on Twitter)

OUTRO [57:25]

Thanks for listening, everyone! Don’t forget to leave a voicemail right here: https://www.speakpipe.com/ChildrenoftheForce

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