Children of the Force #18 – The First of the Orders

It’s episode 18 of Children of the Force!

Join us and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son and daughter and listener…

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We start off the podcast talking about the reaction to our last episode. I correct a couple items and read some reactions. Go back and listen to The Star Wars Lines Special if you haven’t heard it yet. Or listen to it while you’re waiting in line for The Force Awakens!

We have our tickets in our hands!


Liam’s art continues to get more and more impressive. Here’s a Boba Fett drawing based on the Disney Infinities model:


NEWS [12:35]

We discuss even more upcoming books, including The Force Awakens novelization, the two Aftermath sequels, and New Republic: Bloodline.

We also talk quite a bit about the upcoming comic series Obi Wan and Anakin.

Do we need more prequel-era stories? The kids say yes! Does everything have to tie into everything else? This kids say … not so much.

Don’t forget to go read that amazing interview with Charles Soule about Obi Wan and Anakin over at

CANON NEWS [30:35]

How does Darth Vader discover the name of the Rebel pilot who blew up the first Death Star? Find out in CANON NEWS!

JOKE [35:20]

Where does Boss Nass keep his peanut butter peanut butter?


1. Did Darth Vader know that the Clone Wars were orchestrated by Palpatine in order to exterminate the Jedi? Did Palpatine ever tell Vader? If not, did Vader figure it out?

2. Who is your favorite The Force Awakens character so far?

3. What is your favorite The Force Awakens planet so far?

WHAT THE KIDS ARE SAYING [49:40] Anna drops a bombshell. She knows kids at school (9-year-olds, mind you) who say that Disney is going to ruin Star Wars. Seriously.

THEORY, RE: FIRST ORDER [53:50] And finally, I drop some speculation on the origin of the First Order name. Give it a listen. I’m going to put up a post here further detailing the theory in a couple days.

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