Episode #8 – Chrisopher Lee and Snoke and Uprising, oh my!

It’s a regular episode! We haven’t had one of these in a while.

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We talk about our recent camping trip and how it related to Star Wars (because really, everything does).

I talk about a Star Wars gift I received from one of my favorite students this past year (am I allowed to say that I have favorites?). Here’s a photo of the goods.


The pack of 3D trading cards I found in my basement:


Speaking of trading cards, Liam almost has the full crew of the Ghost. He just needs Ezra. If anyone wants to trade, shoot us an email at forcechildren@gmail.com

The Who Wars podcast recently played a voicemail from us here at Children of the Force. Give it a listen: http://whowars.net/2015/05/31/the-who-wars-podcast-033/

NEWS [7:20]

On June 7th, Christopher Lee died at age 93. While it’s true that he was much more than his acting credits, just click on over to IMDB and marvel at how many movies Lee was in. We recently posted a comical viral-website-esque tribute to Christopher Lee on his 93rd birthday. It’s absurd, but I thought I’d link to it here anyway: 7 things Christopher Lee doesn’t know about you. Number 5 will blow your mind!

We discuss the name reveal of Supreme Leader Snoke and just who this Snoke character could be.

Our Snoke talk leads into a discussion about motion capture. I mention a video of Andy Serkis as Cesar the chimpanzee in the Planet of the Apes movie. This video does a really good job illustrating how it works, without getting technical.

Next, we get really excited about Star Wars: Uprising. Maybe too excited. But just watch this video and try not to smile:

And we briefly talk about this Gary Whitta tweet and what it could mean for a Rebels/Rogue One crossover.

CANON NEWS [22:00]

There are “horror holos” in the galaxy far, far away. This is revealed in the short story, Rebel Bluff, which appeared in Star Wars Insider #158 with the line, “The gangster gave Lando a sharp-toothed smile that could have made him a star in a horror holo.”

So there you go. The holonet broadcasts not only news, but also horror movies and probably comedies and action flicks, too. Huh.

JOKE [25:15]

What do you call a droid who leaves for a bit, but then comes back?

REVIEW [26:50]

We review Princess Liea issues #3 and #4! We break down the story of each issue and discuss things like R2-D2 Hot Wheels, foodie monsters, and the potential for uninterrogated sexism in comics perception and reception among Star Wars fans.


We give these two issues ratings, and the rating for issue #4 is an absurd rating (on a scale of Star Wars aliens) in honor of one of my new favorite podcasts, the Expanded Comicsverse. One of the reasons I love this podcast so much is that I just can’t justify purchasing four comics a month on a regular basis. So far, the only ones we’re keeping up with are Leia (which ends next month) and Kanan: The Last Padawan (because: awesome). So the fact that the Expanded Comicsverse discusses and analyzes the plot of each comic helps to keep me up to date (and yearn for the trade paperbacks even more). You can find the Expanded Comicsverse on the Expanded Fandomverse feed at iTunes and other pod catchers. Check it out.


If you could form a new Jedi Order, what one rule would you change?
What is your favorite alien species?
If you could be one Jedi, who would you be?


Identify the animal making noise in the background and you’ll get a mention and maybe some sort of song dedicated to you (or something) on our next episode!

Next week, we’ll have our double feature episode, a Reaction Corps retrospective on Rebels season 1 and a reaction to the TV movie that kicks off season 2, The Siege of Lothal. Should be fun!

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