7 things Christopher Lee doesn’t know about you. Number 5 will blow your mind!

Today is actor Christopher Lee’s birthday, so let’s do a bit of trivia in celebration!

You might think that Christopher Lee’s knowledge of you is about as airtight as it could be, but
just how much does Christopher Lee know about you? We think you’ll be surprised at these tidbits he probably doesn’t know!

1. Christopher Lee doesn’t know what day your birthday is.

2. Christopher Lee has never seen that video of you when you were a kid trying to blow out those trick candles. Can you believe he’s never laughed at that?

3. Christopher Lee doesn’t know the impact he has made on you, not only as a Star Wars fan, but as a human being.

4. Christopher Lee has never understood the depth of your love for your family. He has loved his family, to be sure. But since each and every love is unique, he has never felt the love you feel for your family.

5. Christopher Lee never wonders what you’re doing right now.

6. Christopher Lee doesn’t know that you tried out for a part in your high school’s production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, but didn’t get it because you tended to mumble. “Take the marbles out of your mouth next time,” your brother said.

7. Christopher Lee has never read your fan fiction where Count Dooku and Anakin end up talking instead of fighting at the beginning of Episode III and the whole Star Wars saga ends shortly thereafter.

OK! Now Christopher Lee knows all of those things about you! Happy birthday, Christopher Lee!

3 thoughts on “7 things Christopher Lee doesn’t know about you. Number 5 will blow your mind!

  1. Thanks! I was in a weird mood today and feeling particularly annoyed with the “you’ll never guess” and the “nothing can prepare you for” websites of the world.


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