Star + Wars = Math

My 6-year-old, Liam, likes math. When it’s bed time, I lay with him for a little bit before leaving his room and he asks me for math problems.

Last week, I started to give him word problems and, instead of using trains and Santa Fe and Phoenix, I used (what else?) Star Wars. Here’s the first one I came up with.

The Millennium Falcon and the Ghost have to make supply runs. They both start from the same landing pad on Lothal, but they have to go to different planets. The Ghost is going to Kessel for supplies, and it will take them 23 minutes to get there. The Falcon is going to Tatooine and it will take them 25 minutes to get there. After picking up their supplies, they immediately return to Lothal and the return trip takes just as long as the first trip (no Imperial entanglements in this math problem).

Assuming that the crews of both ships take the same amount of time on their planets to load the supplies (and that’s a big assumption, because you just know Han will have to stop for a drink or a game of sabacc or something), who will get back to Lothal first, and how long will they have to wait for the other ship to arrive?

It took him a while, but he got the answer and got to imagine a cool Ghost/Falcon scenario while he was at it! It’s fun and educational!

I’ll post more word problems here as I come up with them. I have a couple more up my sleeve already, one involving bounties (different values for dead or alive) and the other involving gig money for a certain bar band.

Note: I have yet to see an updated galactic map that includes Lothal. The time to get to Tatooine and Kessel are pure constructs of my imagination and not canon … which is also imagination, when you think about it. I just figured they’re both on the outer rim and so is Lothal so … close enough, right?

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