Reaction Corps – Clone Wars: Nightsisters / Monster / Witches of the Mist

In this episode, we review the three episode Nightsister arc from season 3 of The Clone Wars. These episodes are Nightsisters, Monster and Witches of the Mist.

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I was a bit late to the game with The Clone Wars, but I was nearly caught up by time they released them all on Netflix. By the end of it all, I was super sad it got cancelled. Rebels has alleviated most of that sadness, and I think it’s going to nearly eradicate it by the end of the second season.

But The Clone Wars is still great Star Wars, and has countless amazing moments worth revisiting. Luckily, I have two kids who were chomping at the bit to watch all of the episodes with me, and I think they’re both old enough now that they can handle it.

Well OK, we skipped the zombie Geonosian brain invader arc. That’s a bit to much on the horror side for them, I think. And we’ll probably skip the zombie Nightsister episode (as you hear us discuss on this podcast). But for the most part, they’re ready for The Clone Wars.

And this arc sure was one of the first major tests of their readiness to watch The Clone Wars. These episodes get pretty intense. Brother killing brother. Jedi brutally struck down. A king murdered. It’s dark stuff. It affected my kids in the way it should have. It made them sad, it entertained them and it made them think.

In addition to introducing the world of Dathomir, Nightsisters, Nightbrothers and the concept of Magick to canon, this arc also gives us the first canon appearance of Clone Commandos and, if I’m not mistaken, the only canon appearance of Sith training.

That’s a lot of canon, thank you very much Katie Lucas.

Really quick, I forgot to mention this in the show, but I love the art on the side of the ship that picked up Ventress (which she then … commandeered).


The Aurebesh above that Tusken says “Raider,” by the way. Oooh, and this image gives us a good look at those creepy pods. Ick.

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