A New Hope (for Tooth Fairies)

Anna lost a tooth the other day, which means that she put it under her pillow that night and expected something else under there in the morning. You know how the Tooth Fairy works. Well, I neglected my duties as resident Tooth Fairy and forgot to switch it out with some money. The next night, I put this letter under her pillow.

I should also say before you read this letter, that my kids don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy. Instead, we as a family pretend that she’s real and have fun with it.

My dearest Anna,

As I hope you are aware, I was held up two nights ago due to podcast editing. I let your dad know about my absent-minded mistake of not putting these two dollars under your pillow, and he assured me that he would tell you in the morning.

Now, you may ask yourself what sort of podcast a Tooth Fairy would be editing, and you may rightly be wondering whether or not Tooth Fairies have even developed the technology in their Tooth Land to download and listen to podcasts. Well, they have.

My podcast is all about the movie Tooth Wars. It’s actually 6 movies … and a couple TV shows! In it, thousands of Plaquetroopers enforce the will of Emperor Cavatine and his underling, Darth Sugar. It’s scary stuff.

Thankfully, Luke Toothbrusher blew up the first Bubble Gum Star and the Mouthwash Alliance was on their way to victory. There have been setbacks, but with Princess Toothpaste, Han Baking Soda, and Chewsugarfreegum on the side of the Mouthwash Alliance, the galaxy is in good hands.

Anyway, this is all very exciting stuff, and I got a bit carried away and totally forgot to fly to your house and leave these dollars under your pillow. Sorry about that.

May the floss be with you,

The Tooth Fairy


She loved it.

Truthfully, I think she was just happy that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t out sick this time, because last time the Easter Bunny had to fill in and he skimps on the cash.

Anna and Liam both wanted me to see if childrenofthetooth.com was real, but I told them it only worked on the Tooth Fairy internet, and we don’t have access to that.

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