Episode #5 – The Post-Celebration Feels

What to say about Star Wars Celebration that hasn’t been said already… How about, my kids liked watching it on the computer?

Hi everyone. It’s episode #5 of Children of the Force. Give it a whirl:

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We didn’t watch nearly as much of the Celebration live feed as I thought we would, but they did enjoy watching when it was possible, and thankfully Star Wars has put up recordings of the live feeds so anyone can watch them at any time (day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4). They don’t include everything from Celebration, but they give you a good feel for how things went down there.

The reading that the kids mention was a reading of excerpts from the William Shakespear’s Star Wars books by Ian Doescher. This handy link will take you to the right part of the live feed recording to view the panel.

We also talk in the episode about the items we’re donating to the kids’ Fun Fair raffle. Here’s a photo:


The kids and I have had some time to think about that new teaser for The Force Awakens, and Liam and I have come up with a decent theory about the role Vader’s mask plays in the story. To sum it up in one word: Psychometry. If I find the time, I’ll write up a post about this in the near future.

Here, watch that trailer again:

Liam has drawn his first TFA images. Add these to the hundreds of other Star Wars drawings he’s produced in the last couple years…

The crashed Star Destroyer and X-wing on Jakku. In the background, (Rey?) on her speeder.

The crashed Star Destroyer and X-wing on Jakku. In the background, (Rey?) on her speeder.

The flipping trooper from when that TIE is shooting at Stormtroopers. How cool was that?

The flipping trooper from when that TIE is shooting at Stormtroopers. How cool was that?


Children of the Force is lucky enough to have a special report on all four days of the convention courtesy of Kate from Who Wars! She gives us a rundown of what she did each day and we had a great time hearing a personal perspective of how Celebration went.

Thanks again Kate for the report! Kate is @kamiduu on twitter, she blogs at kateswhatever.wordpress.com and you can hear her on the Who Wars podcast.

Here’s the video of BB-8 rolling onto the stage at Celebration:

And here’s Artoo in Love!

Check out this photo set of The Force Awakens exhibit at Celebration over at Jedi Temple Archives. Some great stuff over there, especially Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.

One more video! The Star Wars: Rebels season 2 trailer. Could you fit more excitement into one weekend? I think not.


What do you call a droid at the bottom of a big hole?


We ran out of time this week, so no review or Question & Answer Council for this episode.

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Join us, and together we will watch that trailer for the 100th time as father and son and daughter and listener…

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