Episode #3

It’s Episode 3!

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In episode 3 of Children of the Force, we talk about the Star Warsy things we’ve been doing these days.

A recent acquisition of Liam’s is the Darth Vader matchbox car (do the kids still call them matchbox cars?).
Liam’s not huge into cars, but this one has stolen his heart. And I said I’d post a drawing that he did of this car, but I cannot find it anywhere. It’s driving me up the wall. So here are some consolation drawings by Liam. The first is the Imperial Shuttle with Vader, Kallus and Tarkin: fire across the galaxy end
The second is The Inquisitor.

fire across the galaxy end 1

And the third is this modified clothing tag in the style of Sabine vis à vis Annie Stoll.

We also watched the Clone Wars arc featuring Ziro the Hutt. So we talk about that for a bit, which then leads to discussion of the new Ventress/Vos book, Dark Disciple.


Anna laughs way too hard when hearing that Harrison Ford broke his ankle back in June. And we discuss that while talking about Ford’s recent crash landing.

We briefly talk about the new upcoming books, but we’ll save that big discussion for next episode.

We not-too-briefly discuss the new lesbian character in the upcoming novel, Lords of the Sith and how that’s a good thing. We also talk about the author of that book and discuss the essay The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes and how it can be applied in this situation. Yep. You read that right.

We discuss the newly released name for the first standalone movie, Rogue One, and we talk about what Rogue Squadron is and how we’re all excited about Felicity Jones.

Oh, and Mark Hammil wants you to go to Free Comic Book Day!

Be sure to go to the Free Comic Book Day site and find a participating store near you.


How long does it take to travel from Coruscant to Tatooine via Hyperspace? Listen to Canon News to find out.


What is Darth Vader’s favorite dessert?
It’s one of those punchlines you have to hear to get.


We review Princess Leia #1 and #2. Great comics! Go out and buy them!

And here’s that Star Wars minus John Williams video the kids and I were laughing about.


Annie Stoll joins us for our Question & Answer Council! I love the questions this week:

What’s your favorite battle from the six movies?
What’s your favorite Rebels episode?
What’s your favorite Chopper moment?

Thanks again to Annie for being so gracious with your time and being so great with the kids!

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Join us, and together we will dismantle the patriarchy as father and son and daughter and listener…

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