Episode #2: Annie Stoll!

Hello, Star Wars fans! This week, we have Annie Stoll on the podcast, discussing her fabulous art in Star Wars Rebels: Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook.

image via amazon.com

Annie talks about her personal art history, tips and tricks for making your own Rebels-inspired street art (in your backyard on a box, of course!), Sabine, the origins of some of the art in the book, tidbits and behind-the-scenes information about Annie’s beautiful artwork, female representation in Star Wars, and more!

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Join us, and together we will discuss art, Star Wars, and Star Wars art!

Follow Annie’s work!
Annie’s twitter: https://twitter.com/aniistoll
Annie’s webcomic (for teenagers and older): http://www.odecomic.com
1001 Knights: http://onethousandandoneknights.tumblr.com

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