Minicast: The Battle for Podcasting Time

We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?

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Al flies solo again to bring you this update.

Send us a voice memo for our Halloween episode! We want your scary Star Wars scenes/memories/stories/etc. Send them to

One thought on “Minicast: The Battle for Podcasting Time

  1. Jacob says:

    Hello there, I’m back. A lot has happened so re reading my old comments I cringe. Any way we dont really do Halloween in Australia but 1 or 2 streets that do always go full “American” (not with the flag just the way you lot celebrate… I think) any way some of my mates live on those streets but I couldn’t go but if I could I would’ve gone as a Jedi knight. I got 2 fish (obi wan kenobi and speedy) and really like the show “Avatar the last air bender”. Any way you guys have a great day and happy Halloween (even tho my one was yesterday.. ALSO I have never gone trick or treating)
    Good bye


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