Episode 182 – Listener Awesomeness Strikes Back

It’s episode 182 of Children of the Force!

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Still loving Squadrons (in VR).

Noticing new stuff during our movies watch-through. Check out how Luke’s lightsaber doesn’t shut off at the 1:34 mark of this video, even though it sounds like it does. My assumption is that it was put in there because it looks like the blade may have grazed the side of the cave and that should sound like … something, I guess.


This week we hear from some new and old listeners! Thanks to Jacob, Joel, Eleanore, Jamie, Ayden, Nayan, Iain, Zach, and Andre!

Here is the link to Jamie and Andre’s new Star Wars podcast, Corona Squadron: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/corona-squadron-andrejamie-nicholson-creswell-dhb10zeCDk7/

NEWS [43:00]

According to TorrentFreak, The Mandalorian was the most pirated show of 2020.

Michael Waldron is rumored to be writing the Kevin Feige Star Wars movie, according to Deadline.

The finale of The Mandalorian is now dedicated to Jeremy Bulloch.

JOKE [45:50]

Jacob has a joke for us. Why did the Jedi cross the road?

Q&A COUNCIL [48:15]

Who would be a better master for Grogu? Luke or Ahsoka?
Would you rather have a darksaber or a lightsaber? If a lightsaber, what color?


Jamie, Andre and Jacob try to stump us!

OUTRO [57:50]

Thanks for listening! Send us a voicemail or email us at forcechildren@gmail.com if you want to take part in the discussion or just give us some feedback. Thanks!

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