Episode 179 – Escape from Naboo

It’s episode 179 of Children of the Force!

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We started our annual watch-through of all the Star Wars movies!

Seriously, I did a count and about 20 people joined the Jedi, the Queen and her Handmaidens. That ship must have really started to smell when they were stranded on Tatooine.


We hear from long-time-listeners/first-time-emailers Ken, Vivian and Charlie!

Ish and Nayan also sent in some reviews of Duel of the Fates and the Star Wars Lego Holiday Special!


Liam’s latest:


NEWS [29:50]

We mourn the passing of David Prowse.

Q&A COUNCIL [32:55]

What’s your favorite David Prowse moment in the original trilogy?


What did Vader do right after he entered the Tantive IV in A New Hope?

OUTRO [1:17:10]

Thanks for listening! Send us a voicemail or email us at forcechildren@gmail.com if you want to take part in the discussion or just give us some feedback. Thanks!

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