Episode 133 – Peter Mayhew, Star Wars Day, Book News

It’s episode 133 of Children of the Force!

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We start off the episode remembering Peter Mayhew.


We talk about Queen’s Shadow again, now that I’ve finished it.

We go over our Star Wars Day doings.

Anna’s started to read Master and Apprentice and likes it so far.

She also got into an argument with her teacher about The Phantom Menace. Which leads into the “20 things I love about The Phantom Menace” I’m doing over on twitter.

NEWS [27:40]

The Journey to the Rise of Skywalker books have been announced. Not a lot of big books coming out, but there’s enough to chew on.

Including this one by Rebecca Roanhorse, which has a glorious cover:

We cover some Disney+ news that came out during Celebration.

star-wars-disney-plus 1.jpg
We also listen to a bit of the Galaxy’s Edge Suite by John Williams.

JOKE [53:10]

What do you call a smuggler who’s glued to the ceiling, missing one side of his brain, hasn’t shaved in a week, and loves to move a bunch of spongy balls all around at once?

OUTRO [55:00]

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