Episode 131 – Days 3, 4, and 5 of Star Wars Celebration Chicago

It’s episode 131 of Children of the Force!

We’re wrapping up our main coverage of Star Wars Celebration. Hear all about our days 3, 4, and 5. We crammed a lot in there and now we’re happy to spew all of our memories into your ears!

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After some opening thoughts about Celebration and some news of how we’re acclimating back into our regular lives, we get into it…


The Rebels Remembered panel was great, emotional and hilarious.

The cosplay was next level.

We stopped by the Star Wars Show stage and Cameron took our picture, as you can see here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwNZbZqAnv1/

Then we witnessed The Running of the Hoods, which is delightfully bizarre. Check out the videos on our Twitter feed here: https://twitter.com/ForceChildren/status/1117291095543701505

Then we went to the Sisters of the Force panel on the Celebration stage, which was a great conversation full of appreciation and tears. The energy in that stadium was so amazing.

And we ended the day with A Star Wars Let’s Play, the video game panel. Which was so funny my face was sore at the end of it. I wish I would have taken video of this panel. Alas…

But actually, we ended the day with the Podcast Meetup at the hotel bar. It was a blast. So fun to meet some of our fellow podcasters.

SUNDAY [34:50]

We went to the Mandalorian panel on the Celebration stage. It was awesome and we’ll talk more about it on an upcoming show! (It’s hard to see, but there are ton of Mandalorian Mercs right in the middle of that photo holding up their helmets.)


EK Johnston signed a couple books and we had a great conversation with her about Crokinole.

Then we met Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni and Scott Bromley!


I got Anthony Daniels autograph on my 1977 trading card of 3PO! And he held the action figure I’ve owned nearly my entire life!

Then we went to the Clone Wars panel, which was awesome! You can watch it here (including the clips from upcoming episodes and the trailer for the new season!):

We ended the day with laughter again at the Anthony Daniels one-man show. Which included us all singing along to this video of 3PO on Sesame Street:

MONDAY [54:00]

We went to the Celebration Store, which was pretty cool. The kids got this photo with a Loth Wolf:

We saw the awe-inspiring completed diorama.


Met Ryan and Dillon from the Me and My Padawan podcast.

We ran into the Geeky Bubble crew!

And we got Peter Mayhew’s autograph on my 1977 trading card of Chewbacca!


OUTRO [1:20:10]

Thanks for listening! Send us a voicemail or email us at forcechildren@gmail.com if you want to take part in the discussion or just give us some feedback. Thanks!

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