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6 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Jacob says:

    Hi children of the force,
    I’m Jacob and I’m from the land down under
    (Cheesy “g day mate” aren’t allowed)
    And I’m HYPE for ep 9!
    I have joke (your welcome al)
    What’s jabbs the hutts favourite food?
    Hutt dogs!

    I have a question
    What’s your favourite a-t walker
    Mines the at-st

    I have theory
    Rey’s mum and dad is obi wan

    And snoke is mace:
    Because force lighting to the face gave him scars and he wanted to get revenge on Anakin but he died so kylo is hes target!

    Great show keep it up



  2. Jacob says:

    G’day children of the force,
    It’s Jacob again and I’m nine.
    By the obi wan Rey theory I mean the
    Duchess and obi wan had baby and Rey was in cabonite then a person let her free and left her on jakku.
    I tried my hardest not to cry when you said
    “Here’s a message from Jacob!”

    From your padowan Jacob


  3. Jacob says:

    Hello children of the force,
    I’m back and this show is great (duh)

    What’s your favourite inferno squad member (mines del) and what’s your favourite Type of trooper (only storm troopers) (mines death troopers and scout troopers) (I’m not sorry)


    • Hi Jacob! Thanks for the comments! These questions may have to wait until our next episode, since we’re talking the trailer this week. Did you see that trailer!? What did you think?


  4. Jacob says:

    Hi children of the force,
    I have your answers
    1: you don’t have to have zs, 1s, and 0s
    That is a example. (And I’m piggletpork2105)
    2: hot chips are fries
    And *starts force choking al* I DO NOT IT KANGOROOS!


  5. Jacob says:

    So al I haven’t watched mandolorin yet (we’ll I’m writing this) and we’ll yeah I’m reading Harry Potter and what hogwarts house would Star Wars charters be in?
    Gryffindor courge and brave
    Ravenclaw smart and creativity
    Hufflepuff kindness and loyalty
    Slytherin power and leadership


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