Episode 125 – Science Museum of MN’s Star Wars Day!

It’s our Science Museum of Minnesota Star Wars day special! We interviewed a ton of Star Wars fans of every age. It was a busy day!

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We talked to (let me know if I misspelled your name!):

Maxwell – 4:05

Mason and Miles – 6:20

Ella – 7:50

Evan and Caleb – 9:22

Chris – 12:07

Grant – 17:08

Ethan – 20:05

Addie – 21:33

Theodore and Landon – 23:55

Kohyn – 26:25

Tim – 27:30

Aaron – 28:33

Vinnie – 32:00

Brock – 32:50

Cale – 33:50

Matias and Oliver – 34:55

Noah – 39:30

Levi – 44:25

Evan – 48:42

Wyatt – 52:58

George – 56:03

Luella – 58:46

Tom – 1:02:38

Chloe – 1:13:15

Here’s a picture of Anna with Chloe’s dad!

Dylan – 1:15:03

Ira – 1:19:30


Thanks to everyone for coming on the show! Thanks to Jenn from the 501st for organizing all of us. And thanks to the Science Museum of Minnesota for putting on such an awesome event. Here are some photos of the event. I didn’t get nearly as many as I wanted, since we were behind the microphone most of the day. But it was still awesome!

OUTRO [1:32:00]

Thanks for listening! Send us a voicemail or email us at forcechildren@gmail.com if you want to take part in the discussion or just give us some feedback. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Episode 125 – Science Museum of MN’s Star Wars Day!

  1. Bart from Belgium says:

    Waaw, seems like you guys had a very busy but very fun day. Hope you made some new friends and listeners. Can’t wait to hear all about it (I’m a bit behind on my podcasts since baseball Spring Training started back up). Great pics too! Greetz from Belgium


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