Episode 123 – Children of the 4th Podiversary

It’s episode 123 of Children of the Force! Our 4th podiversary!

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This week, we’re celebrating our 4th podiversary with a bunch of awesome listeners!

First we start the episode off with a conversation with our honorary fourth host, Nick from London!

Then we listen to amazing voicemails of amazing people wishing us a happy 4th.

The first, from BB-Kate of the Nerd of Paradise podcast. Listen to her awesome podcast here: http://nerdofparadise.net

Evan and Wyatt also sent us a funny (I think?) voicemail.

We also heard from Jonathon from the Random Star Wars Show.

Genevieve sent us a voicemail, too! Remember her from Episode 84?

Michal Schick also left us a great voicemail which inspired some outro music for this episode. You can find Michal being awesome here: https://twitter.com/inkasrain

Q&A COUNCIL [25:10]

Michal also had a question for the Question and Answer Council? If you could change one story decision in Star Wars, what would it be and why?

Then we listen to a voicemail (with sound effects!) from Andrew and Rufus!


We discuss the new announcements of actors coming to Celebration! Check out the two announcements on www.starwars.com

Then we listen a lively message from the Me and My Padawan crew! You can listen to their podcast over here: https://meandmypadawan.podbean.com

We also got a happy birthday on twitter from the Younglings, who are on youtube now. Check out their most recent video:

And Micah also wished us a happy birthday on twitter. Thanks, Micah!

OUTRO [58:30]

Thanks for listening! Send us a voicemail or email us at forcechildren@gmail.com if you want to take part in the discussion or just give us some feedback. Thanks!

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