Episode 82 – The One Where Anna’s On The Star Wars Show

It’s episode 82 of Children of the Force!

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Anna was on the Star Wars Show! Check it out!

We saw Spiderman: Homecoming over the weekend. LEGO Death Star and Donald Glover are Star Wars connections.

It was Mark Hamill’s birthday! StarWars.com interviewed him and we talk about it.

NEWS [15:05]

We discuss this image of Snoke via Making Star Wars. We make our peace with it.


Check out (and check back on) this compilation of all the goodies that Ron Howard shares on Twitter and Instagram: http://www.starwars.com/news/here-are-all-of-ron-howards-twitter-and-instagram-updates-on-the-untitled-han-solo-film

CANON NEWS [24:50]

We get some specifics in the Phasma book about how First Order stormtroopers are indoctrinated.

JOKE [29:30]

What did Luke say when he accidentally hit his foot on a rock in the dark cave on the island?

Q&A COUNCIL [30:30]

If you could own one Star Wars vehicle, what would it be?

What do you want to see most in the fourth and final season of Rebels?


Thanks to our newest patron Michal Schick (@inkasrain)! Listen to the podcasts she’s on: @JewishFangirls @Level7AccessPod and @vokpodcast.

OUTRO [44:10]

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