Episode 58 – Nick and Sylvia and Woody and Lumpy and a Soggy Rebel

It’s episode 58 of Children of the Force!

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We start the episode off singing various happy birthday songs to Liam. He’ll be 8 before our next episode!


Liam and his friend Toby (who was a guest on episode 14 of Children of the Force!) had a sleepover and watched The Empire Strikes Back. This prompted two observations and a question from Liam.

Observation: There are no women pilots in Rogue Group on Hoth. Bummer.

Observation: The Wampa scenes in the cave looked fake.

Question: Did Wedge survive the original trilogy and does that mean he’s around during the sequel trilogy? We know he survived the OT, but we don’t know yet if he’s still kickin’ in the ST. I have a feeling we’ll get a definitive answer this February in Aftermath: Empire’s End.

We revisit whether or not Saw laughed a lot in Rogue One. What do you think? Did he? Let us know at forcechildren@gmail.com

We give a shout out to Martin Luther King Jr., since we recorded this episode on the holiday that honors him.

NEWS [8:45]

Woody Harrelson is coming to the Han Solo stand-alone film!

We discuss that Yahoo story about John Knoll naming Jyn after some females in his life.

We got some Episode VIII tidbits from Rian Johnson via USA Today.

“It’s not Star Wars without violence.” -Anna


Before Nick talks with us about his experience at the Star Wars Identities exhibition, we talk with his sister, Sylvia, about female representation in Star Wars. We also sing her happy birthday.

After talking all about the Star Wars Identities exhibit, we also talk with Nick about Rogue One and he brings up that deleted Unkar Plutt scene. This one (note: it’s not gory, really, but it might be a bit much for younger viewers):

We also talk about the new Darksaber information from Rebels and that press release from Lucasfilm about having no plans to use a CGI Carrie Fischer.

JOKE [38:40]

Nick has a joke: What’s the popular music style on Dagobah?

And I have a joke: What did Kanan say when Saw threw water on Hera?

Q&A COUNCIL [41:00]

Al asks: What was the most surprising thing about Rogue One for you?


Name one Zabrak Jedi.

And that game whose name I couldn’t think of is Uprising. Here’s the Zabrak Jedi from the game, Zubain Ankonori.

OUTRO [1:03:00]

Thanks for listening! And thanks again Nick and Sylvia for joining us on the show!

Send us a voicemail or email us at forcechildren@gmail.com if you want to take part in the discussion or just give us some feedback. Thanks!

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