Episode #43 – SWCE 2016 – Nick’s Report

It’s episode 43 of Children of the Force!

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We’re lucky enough to be joined by Nick from London who attended day three of Celebration 2016. This episode has Nick’s on-the-scene reporting from Celebration, in addition to a conversation with us a couple days later where he filled us in on all of the rest of the awesomeness he witnessed.


Check out these awesome photos of Nick’s experience:

On the way from station to Excel Centre
Pikachu Mandalorean selfie.JPG
Darth MaulDunno this one either!Nick with Darth Revan on way inNIck with Leia in Boushh disguiseNope don't know the name of this one

Nick and his mom with their Celebration badges!

Excited when we got our Day Passes

Nick spent some time at a drawing event with Star Wars illustrator, JAKe, who is on twitter @JAKeDetonator

Learning to draw a Jawa with JAKe 2
JAKe's Jawa drawing he gave NickNick with JAKe the SW artist
For more JAKe, check out his interview with Andi Gutierrez on The Star Wars Show Live at SWCE. He even draws a cool Wookiee.


Liam and I chat with Nick about his time at Celebration.

The George Lucas-signed AT-AT:

An AT-AT signed by George Lucas.JPG
Watch out Carrie Fischer, that AT-AT’s going to shoot you!

Watching Carrie's panel from Starwars.com stage on main floor
Nick in … Mandalorian prison?

Locked up.JPG
Speaking of Mandos, here’s that photo of Liam in the Boba Fett mask he made a couple years ago. (Though, if we’re being canon, Boba isn’t really a Mando, right?)

It’s the Falcon!

Nick at controls of M Falcon...sort of
This speeder bike is part of the Propel drone show that Nick went to.
Propel drone in Endor jungle 1.JPG

Drone show trench run!
Trench battle scene set for Propel drones.JPG

Nick and his mom watched the Future Filmmakers panel from the Galaxy stage.

FN-2187 in a surprise appearance at the Final panelView from Galaxy Stage overspill room for final panel
Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher at final panel
How cool are these Lego creations?

Rey and BB8 in LegoRogue One props costume exhibitStorm troopers
NEWS [35:50]

Episode VIII has wrapped!

Ahsoka’s Untold Tales panel at SWCE revealed some great information about what we would have seen from Ahsoka toward the end of the Clone Wars. We briefly touch on what each of these three untold story arcs would have been about. And Pablo Hidalgo confirmed that the story group considers these untold tales to have happened.

And we’re getting even more Ahsoka in October, with the Ahsoka novel. Check out this cover:


Oh, and let’s not forget about Thrawn.

A starwars.com interview with Timothy Zahn revealed that the timeline for his upcoming Thrawn novel will span the time between when he first “encounters the Empire,” and lead up to the events of season three of Rebels.

NIck with Admiral Thrawn

Thanks so much to Nick for your Celebration report and for coming on the show again!

OUTRO [46:00]

Thanks for listening! Send us a voicemail or email us at forcechildren@gmail.com if you want to take part in the discussion or just give us some feedback. Thanks!

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