Reaction Corps: Rebels – Twilight of the Apprentice

What a difference a few seconds can make!

But first, spoiler alert for the finale of season 2 of Rebels.

ahsoka leaving

This episode is sort of a quick and dirty reaction to Twilight of the Apprentice recorded on our couch on my phone.

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In first half of our reaction, you’ll realize that we completely missed a few seconds during that final montage. This was not an uncommon occurrence, apparently. I’ve heard of others missing this same scene.

So we thought Ahsoka was dead. Like, dead dead dead. But it turns out she might be alive! Or maybe dead. Or possibly dead dead. But not dead dead dead! Which is a relief.

You’ll hear us all be really sad that she died. And then you’ll get to hear us be happy that she didn’t. It’s a weird episode.

We also discuss such gems as:
Ezra’s lightsaber
Maul’s deception
Helicopter lightsabers (kids’ verdict: AWESOME!)
That owl thing
The voice of the temple
The future of Ezra Bridger

And more. There’s always more. See?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.18.04 PM.png

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