Star Wars Reads Day 2015

IMG_2540Well, another Star Wars Reads Day has come and gone. This year was quite a bit different from last year. First of all, we have a podcast now. Last year, we were spectators and participants. This year … well, we were still spectators and participants, but I got to to tell people we had a podcast.

So that was fun.

Also, this year was author-less. In the past, Troy Denning had spoken at our local Barnes and Noble about his books and Star Wars in general. But he hasn’t written anything since the Legends/Canon announcement, so I guess it makes sense that he wouldn’t be around. Dan Wallace was at the event a couple years ago, but he was at New York ComicCon this year promoting all the stuff he’s been working on lately.

So this year was a little light on the “Reads” portion of Star Wars Reads Day. But it was fun nonetheless. And what made it extra special (and what makes it extra-special every year) were the members of the Wolfpack Squad of the 501st Central Garrison and the Rebel Legion.

Anna was determined to get photos with each and every one of them. So we did.
IMG_2548 IMG_2550 IMG_2552 IMG_2553 IMG_2555 IMG_2558 IMG_2561IMG_2551These men and women are so gracious with their time and so great with kids. A princess should bestow medals upon them at the end of each day they go out.

And B&N had a few activities set up. Not pictured: a build-your-own mini Lego Millennium Falcon.
IMG_2543 IMG_2544 IMG_2545Yes, I did say, “Stay on target. Stay on target.” Of course I did.

Had to get a picture of this Mando gouging out 3PO’s eyes. 
IMG_2547All in all, a great Star Wars Reads Day. Maybe we can all gouge out Kylo Ren’s eyes next year!

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