Episode #10 – Shoot That Rodian

It’s episode 10 of Children of the Force! Happy birthday to us!

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We’re still making our way through the Clone Wars. The three of us watched the first episode of the Krell arc, which is pretty brutal. Liam and I watched the first episode of the Mon Cal arc, which Anna didn’t watch because she is afraid of sharks, and there’s a straight-up shark man in those episodes.

Starwars.com guides for the episodes we watched:
Water War
Darkness on Umbara

Liam’s on the hunt for the R2-D2 Hotwheels. Here’s the side-by-side comparison between the R2 Hotwheels and R2 in a flying car in Princess Leia issue #3:

Photographer David Chickering Stylist Cheryl Joe

R2-D2 Hotwheels

Photo on 7-31-15 at 3.41 PM

R2 in the flying mine cart, issue #3 of Princess Leia

OK, they’re not that alike. But still … just plain silly.

NEWS [6:30]

Spoiler alert for the Aftermath excerpt that was posted on starwars.com last week. Stop reading now if you want to know absolutely nothing about the book until it comes out.

Anyway, I read the first part of that excerpt in Ackbar’s voice until it became too painful to do so.

Hit this link to read the excerpt for yourself.

And since we didn’t really get a chance to go through the video in our last episode, the kids and I watch and react to the behind the scenes reel that was released at San Diego ComicCon. We talk about motion-capture puppetry, practical effects, explosions, aliens and all manner of Star Warsiness. Here’s the video, in case you haven’t seen it:

We also talk about the appendix that was added to Star Wars: The Essential Atlas.

And then, because this news segment wasn’t already long enough, we insert a quiz into it. The kids and I take a quiz recently posted on starwars.com, How Well Do You Know Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. We kick butt.

Oh. Hey. Michael Jackson wanted to be Jar Jar Binks.

And to round off the LONGEST NEWS SEGMENT EVER, we talk about leaks and spoilers in the abstract.

CANON NEWS [50:50]

Exactly who was Ventress given to when she was an infant?

JOKE [54:40]

You want to hear us sing, right? Well, here you go. A song about shooting Greedo to the tune of On the Road Again.

REVIEW [56:40]

The Princess Leia mini-comic has come to a close. We discuss issue #5 and the series as a whole. Anna gives a dramatic reading of the speech Leia gives toward the end of the issue. We didn’t give it a grade, but as you can hear, we all really liked it.

Liam sees an ad for the Lando mini-series at the end of the book and laments that we’re not buying that one. He wants to buy it because “Lando’s awesome and good at shooting and stuff.” To which Anna sighs and I laugh.

Well that’s all, Star Wars folks. Until next time…


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